Physiotherapie Altstadt ZÜrich

Rehabilitation and treatment of persons of any age after operations and accidents with back, neck, joint, limb and muscle pain, muscle tension, sport injuries, arthrosis, and strains, whiplash, compression trauma, birth trauma, operations after breast cancer, neurological disorders > Services.

In addition I use different treatment technologies: trigger-point and Dry Needling, manual therapy (Maitland, PNF, NAP), Bobath, Lymphdrainage, Sportphysiotherapy, Cranial-Sacral-therapy, massage etc.

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physiotherapie altstadt,
M.Feldhoffer, Graduate Physiotherapist HF
Mühlegasse 25, 8001 Zurich
Tel. 044 262-3040, Fax 044 262-3045

The practice lies in a central location in Zurich, close the Central Library and easily reachable by public transportation:

Parking areas at Predigerplatz and Zähringerplatz, Hirschgraben and Uraniaparking Deck